Net_IDNA - IDNA Converter in PHP

IDNA stands for "Internationalized Domain Names in Applications". Although there's various extensions for PHP, most of the providers do not offer these for use.

That's why we programmed an implementation written in PHP completely

This class is our contribution to the Open Source Community and that's why it is licvenced under the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public Licnece), i.e. it can be used in non-comercial and commercial projects.

To use Net_IDNA in your own appications, you just need to include() or require() the source and instantiate the class with
$idn = new idna_convert().
The object offers two methods - encode() for converting an UTF-8 string to Punycode format and decode() for the opposite direction.
More details and examples can be found in the ReadMe delivered with the downloadable ZIP archive.

Live Demo

We offer a Live Demo for your convenience.


This is the latest revision of Net_IDNA. The archive will be updated from time to time and is normally up to date.

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Download (Version 0.8.1 from 2013-09-25, 38KB Zip)