New server minimum requirements as of version 4.4

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New server minimum requirements as of version 4.4

Beitragvon mso » 01.03.2012, 15:28

With the next major release (4.4.0) of phlyMail we will introduce new minimum server requirements. The last time we did so is already more than four years ago.

phlyMail will require:
- PHP 5.3.0+
- MySQL 5.5.0+

This will -again - not mean, that phlyMail will immediately stop working but new features will no longer regard the lack of certain features in former PHP / MySQL versions. Instead we will actively incorporate newly available features into the code in a gradual fashion.
The first module to require PHP 5.3 will be the WebDAV server component.

PHP 5.3.0 has been release June 30th 2009, MySQL 5.5 around the end of 2010. Please check with your hosting provider, whether the required version are already installed or can be installed shortly.
We ask our paying customers to actively check for availability and come forward in case an update is completely infeasible. We would like to submit you an offer to do the update for you.
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