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The development of phlyMail has been stopped. Please change to alternative products as soon as possible

Add Ons

We offer some Add Ons and extensions for phlyMail, which are not delivered as default with the products. This page wants to give you some information about these.

sync*gw SyncML Server

algo26 and Jaballa Software present the SyncML server sync*gw to add SyncML synchronization capabilities to your web server. With this software you can align e.g. your contact and calendar data between your mobile device and your web server installation.

syncg*gw server supports a wide variety of mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs from many different manufacturers.
And the best is: It is completely written in PHP! Full source code is delivered! Download, unzip file and server is ready to use!

How Can sync*gw Improve My Productivity?

Use sync*gw to backup your essential data - as soon as you've synchronized your data with your client device, all data is saved - if you lose your mobile phone and purchase a new one, simply synchronize and you will immediately have your data available on your new device!

You want to share your customer contacts or calendar data within your company? Feed data into sync*gw server and your employees can easily synchronize the data on their hand held device.

How Can I Buy sync*gw Server?

Development and sales of sync*gw is done by Jaballa Software. More information and an online shop for sync*gw can be found at www.syncgw.com.

Expire Plugin

This plugin allows deletion of old mails form the local folders on a per-folder basis.
After installation users can setup per folder, mails of which age should be deleted from the folder.
This plugin will get installed simply together with phlyMail and immediately afterwards your users can use it.

Please note, that this plugin is not compatible with Microsoft® Windows®.

Order now:

USD 22.74

Add On Handler Bookmarks

This handler allows your users (or just you in the Lite edition) to store and manage bookmarks similar to how you can do it in your browser.

Global bookmarks allow the administrator to define those visible to all users.
Bookmarks can be imported from Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.
This module will get installed simply together with phlyMail and immediately afterwards your users can use it.

The Bookmarks handler is now included with phlyMail Lite and phlyMail MessageCenter.

Custom SMS Drivers

We deliver all phlyMail products with a default SMS driver using our UMS gateway. This can be used by simply buying some SMS deposit.

Should you happen to have your own gateway (or gateway provider) already, it might be useful to use it for SMS from phlyMail, too.

We are able to offer you programming a driver for your gateway for a fixed, flat price ofn USD 57.08.
That assumes, that the gateway uses standard HTTP requests.

Please contact us via email, if you need a custom SMS driver for your installation.

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