Die Entwicklung von phlyMail ist eingestellt. Wir empfehlen Ihnen, so bald wie möglich auf alternative Produkte zu wechseln.
The development of phlyMail has been stopped. Please change to alternative products as soon as possible

Functions in Detail


  • Extremely advanced, very intuitive interface
  • Intense use of context and drop down menus
  • Support for Internationalized Domain Names
  • Querying of POP3 and IMAP servers
    depending on destination server automatically via APOP or SSL
  • Mails can be fetched either via Frontend or a CronJob script
  • Complete Folder management with an unlimited number of subfolders and mails per folder
  • Cross server copying and moving of mails when using IMAP
  • Extensive and powerful filtering rules for automatic sorting of incoming mails
  • Anti-SPAM filter via SpamAssassin (or compatible software)
  • Display of plain text and HTML mails
    external content of HTML mail gets blocked, but can get downloaded via a simple click
  • Display and Download of attachments
  • Print View for easy hard-copy
  • Display the Email Source of a mail
  • Viewing of normal and complete header information
  • Saving for further processing
  • Reply, Reply All, Forward, Reroute mails
  • Send out mails with attachments,
    optionally via Sendmail (or compatible) or SMTP with SMTP Auth
    in plain text or HTML format
  • Sending SMS and faxes 1)
  • Deleting mails on the server
  • Profiles with
    • Account data for POP3 / SMTP
    • Real name
    • Encrypted passwords
    • Sender address
    • Signature
    • Unlimited number of aliases
    • Additional header lines to add to outgoing mails
    • Various profile dependent settings
  • Comprehensive contacts manager with
    • Private and business data for the contact
    • Contact groups
    • Contact Image
    • Print view
    • Import / export in various formats (e.g. LDIF, CSV)
    • Global Contacts: The admin can define contacts readable (not writable) by all users. These contacts can be easily defined through the Config interface. Users can mark contacts publicly visible.
  • Optional attachment of a forced signature
  • Import / export of local folders in MBOX format
  • Database connectivity via drivers
  • Support for themes, thus allowing a highly customizable user experience
  • Support for plugins to extend the functionality
  • Fully templated - Output in HTML or other formats
  • Completely multilignual (English, German, French, Russian, Slovak), further languages may be added through language files
  • User accounts may be locked for a definable time after a definable number of failed logins
  • Optional two-factor authentication through either SMS1) or a Yubikey


  • Alerting of due calendar events via email or SMS 1) (needs Cron jobs)
  • Script to fetch mails for users in the background
  • Synchronize all IMAP folders with the server (needs Cron jobs)
  • simple POP3 server, that allows your users to access their phlyMail inbox via POP3
  • Extendable interface to authenticate users against external data sources.
    Right now we deliver modules to authenticate against an IMAP server, a POP3 server, an LDAP server or a CSV file. Users successfully authenticating against the configured data source, but do not exist as a user in phlyMail yet can optionally be created as such automatically.


  • Extensive user management
  • Arbitrary number of administrators
  • Module level permissions for the administrators
  • Optional list of IPs, over which administrators may log in
  • AutoUpdate: phlyMail keeps itself up to date at the push of a button
  • Configuration of nearly all settings conveniently via web interface
  • Flexible Interface for autmatically creating new user's POP3 boxes in the mail server ("Server API").
  • Extensible interface to authenticate against external data sources.
    At the moment we deliver phlyMail with modules to additionally authenticate against an IMAP or POP3 server. Users, who successfully login against the mail server, but don't exist yet in phlyMail can optionally be automatically added to phlyMail. If the Server API is set up correctly, an adequate default mail profile can be added to this user without manual intervention needed.

1) This service is liable for costs
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