Die Entwicklung von phlyMail ist eingestellt. Wir empfehlen Ihnen, so bald wie möglich auf alternative Produkte zu wechseln.
The development of phlyMail has been stopped. Please change to alternative products as soon as possible

phlyMail Free

… is our Open Source solution, licenced under Mozilla Public Licence.
It is meant to be installed on your own server or webspace.

As opposed to former phlyMail products, there's no more limits in the number of user accounts possible.

General Product Information

Learn more about phlyMail:

Available Themes

Modify the appearance of the interface to suit your taste:

Download phlyMail Free

This is the latest revision of phlyMail Free. The archive will be updated from time to time and is usually up to date.

Before you download, please consider helping us keep up our work by donating through PayPal:

To download, just click the relevant link.
In case this doesn't work, access the context menu of your browser and select the item "Save target as…"

ATTENTION: If you have already installed a previous version of phlyMail Lite 2.x or phlyMail LE, we recommend to not install this version over the old installation, since both plattforms differ in regards of folder structure and settings format.

To update a previous version of phlyMail Lite 3.x please use the Update Archive provided here, which includes all necessary files excepting any configuration files.

Installation Archive

These archives contain the full application and the installation script. Notes regarding the installation can be found in the included ReadMe file.
Would you like to update an existing installation of phlyMail Lite 3.x or 4.x, please refer to the Update Archive below.

Stable Version

phmfr_40470.zip (2017-02-19, 5,023KB)
SHA1: aee9f89186d5ead14258800dc5b7543d58110f9f *

phmfr_40470.tar.gz (2017-02-19, 4,078KB)
SHA1: e9be59df4d4b2ce61ae2d43613b8418c9a0d7611 *

phmfr_40470.tar.bz2 (2017-02-19, 3,363KB)
SHA1: e05f7fc046a377b857a21413f3e8c74b6f5a7e4f *

Update Archive

Use any of these archives to update your running installation - or you wish to upgrade from phlyMail Lite without reinstalling.

Follow these steps closely to successfully update your installation:

  • Download the archive in your preferred format below.
  • Unack it either on your local machine or a separate folder on your server.
  • Change into the newly created folder "phlymail".
  • Should you've renamed any of the folders "conf" or "config", please change their names accordingly.
  • Copy the contents of the newly created folder "phlymail" over the one of your installation.
    Fix file permissions, if necessary.
  • If you have installed the folder "config" in a different location on your server, move the local copy there.
  • If you are using additional themes besides the included "Yokohama" (Desktop) / "Basic" (Mobile) you should now download and install their latest versions from our website.
  • Now open the "Config" interface of your installation. You don't need to login, just open it. This will make any necessary changes to the database structure (new fields and the like). This might take a few moments, depending on the size and pseed of your database.
  • Only necessary, when updating from a version older than 3.3.0: After the Config interface came up without errors, change the URL in the browser address bar from ending in …config.php to …reindexer.php. This will run a script, which updates the index of already stored mails to the new capabilities of phlyMail. This step might take a while.
  • Much mor comfortable is using the included AutoUpdate client. This is available in the Config interface of your installation.

Stable Version

phmfr_core_40470.zip (2017-02-19, 4,939KB)
SHA1: 966a8f597d022163a906d783f2276bac595df726 *

phmfr_core_40470.tar.gz (2017-02-19, 3,995KB)
SHA1: de7db672eea87742a78fb1b4b7ab58196f46af9c *

phmfr_core_40470.tar.bz2 (2017-02-19, 3,283KB)
SHA1: 089a4a0825637b30fc26f864b13f7736ba832012 *

Please always use the most recent versions of the themes.

* For checking the hash values under Window we recommend the free tool HashTab, under Linux you can use the shell commands md5sum and sha1sum respectively

phlyMail Free is listed at

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