phlyMail MessageCenter

… is aiming at the "power user", small enterprises and public bodies. We have put together some packages suitable for you, allowing a quick start. You can expand the scope of the products later at any time easily.

General Product Information

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Flexible licensing

Adapt the amount of possible users to your needs - not the other way round. We offer you a flexible licensing model with very low costs per user (going as low as 0.20 € per user).
You can add further users at any later date from the customer service without the need to reinstall your product.

Available Themes

Modify the appearance of the interface to suit your taste:

UMS Gateway

Extend the ways to send messages by SMS (short message service) and faxes. The capabilities are already built into phlyMail, yet you'll need access to our gateway and sufficient deposit.

The gateway operated by phlyLabs has a high throughput, quick transmission, in theory worldwide support and an easy integration into third-party applications and services.

Should you run a gateway yourself, you can quickly connect this with your phlyMail installation. We would love to give you a quote.

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phlyMail MessageCenter
ab 81.59 USD
  • the base package
  • 5 users included
  • 3 months free updates

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MessageCenter 1
32.60 USD
  • the economical start
  • 1 user inlcuded
  • 3 moths free updates

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MessageCenter 10
118.66 USD
  • 10 users included
  • 15 months free updates
  • You'll save USD 6.48

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