Die Entwicklung von phlyMail ist eingestellt. Wir empfehlen Ihnen, so bald wie möglich auf alternative Produkte zu wechseln.
The development of phlyMail has been stopped. Please change to alternative products as soon as possible


The actual currency your order will be processed in will be EUR. All prices in other currencies for your reference only.

Please pay attention: Our products are sent out via email and thus we do not charge you for postage or packing, of course.


Use of our SMS and Fax Gateway
Starter 100 (USD 0.00 setup + deposit for 100 SMS) USD 11.42
Starter 150 (USD 0.00 setup + deposit for 150 SMS) USD 17.08
Starter 1000 (USD 0.00 setup + deposit for 1,000 SMS) USD 114.16
Price per ISO SMS; German mobile1) USD 0.11
Price per ISO SMS; worldwide1) USD 0.14
Price per Unicode SMS2) USD 0.14
Price per binary / UDH SMS3) USD 0.14
Price per fax page; German landline4) USD 0.07
Price per fax page; German service 018x 5) USD 0.67
Price per fax page; worldwide USD 0.33

  1. The gateway allows sending overlon short messages up to 1530 chars. Messages over 160 chars are split into individual messages of 153 chars each and charged accordingly. This behaviour is due to the SMS standard.
  2. For Unicode messages there's a few limitations which are due to the GSM standard. Single messages can contain up to 70 Unicode characters.
    The maximum length of a message is 670 Unicode characters. These overlong messages are split into individual 67 char messages and charged accordingly.
  3. Please note, that binary messages can contain up to 140 bytes (including UDH).
  4. Standard land line numbers, no special phone numbers, no service numbers, VoIP or Service 0700.
  5. Service 018x, no 0900, 0700 etc.
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