Die Entwicklung von phlyMail ist eingestellt. Wir empfehlen Ihnen, so bald wie möglich auf alternative Produkte zu wechseln.
The development of phlyMail has been stopped. Please change to alternative products as soon as possible


This page points you to various downloads, which we offer alongside our products.

phlyMail Lite

Please refer to the phlyMail Lite product page to find the most recent download.

Themes for Desktop and Mobile Interface

Adapt the interface to your personal taste. The themes we offer here are divided into two pages, reflecting the interface type they are meant for.

IDNA Convert

More information and a download you'll find on the IDNA Convert website.

Other Downloads

On the page with our Misc Downloads we offer, e.g. various desktop wallpapers and the phlyMail Toolbox.

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