Die Entwicklung von phlyMail ist eingestellt. Wir empfehlen Ihnen, so bald wie möglich auf alternative Produkte zu wechseln.
The development of phlyMail has been stopped. Please change to alternative products as soon as possible
  • phlyMail — a Browser Based Webmail Solution and Groupware

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  • Only Trust Your Personal Cloud

    With phlyMail you decide, where your precious data is stored. You decide, how secure, how safe, how expensive, in which country.

  • Access Any Place AnyTime

    You just need internet access and a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • It's all so mobile now

    You will no longer need to carry the big guns with you. Just use your smartphone and give your notebook a rest.

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phlyMail as a Service
Enjoy all the benefits of our hosted service — always up-to-date, no extra server hosting fees, no administration expenses. And all that for a very low price.

Hosted in the European Union More Information
Dispatch SMS and Faxes
Our UMS gateway allows to quickly and securely send SMS and fax messages from within phlyMail. You keep the costs under control thanks to cheap prepaid pricing and no monthly fees. More Information
phlyMail Free
Our Open Source solution to install on your own webspace or server. More Information
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